Domain Hosting

At Grundy Computer Services we understand that your domain is your main portal to the outside world so if there is an issue you will need some one who will support you 24/7, we can offer you assurance that an engineer will be available at all times, if required.

Virtual Servers

We offer the ability to own your own hostedvirtual server from £45 per month plus VAT with:

  • Unlimited bandwidth – No caps or extra fees
  • High-speed Virtual Pipe – 100Mbps – likeyour own leased line!
  • Service Level Agreement – 99.9% networkuptime guarantee
  • 24/7 UK support – Fully administered byourselves

Dedicated Servers

Need you own dedicated server on a 100mbs line? Look no further with prices from £62 per month plus VAT.

  • Unlimited bandwidth-No caps or extra fees
  • High-speed Virtual Pipe – 100Mbps – likeyour own leased line!
  • NEW: SSL Certificates – Essential onlinesecurity free for the first year!
  • Root access – Full administrator control
  • Service Level Agreement – 99.9% networkuptime guarantee
  • 24/7 UK support – In-house UK call centre
  • Fast setup – Get your server online inminutes!


Microsoft Exchange mailboxes

Deploy the full collaboration and email power of Microsoft Exchange, without the outlay or administration of your own server. With Grundy Computer services you only pay for the mailboxes you need, from Standard POP3/IMAP mailboxes to full Microsoft Exchange.

Why choose Grundy Computer Services for Microsoft Exchange?

  • Spam protection
  • 2GB storage per mailbox
  • Real-time Exchange “Push” mobile access.
  • Public folders
  • Shared calendars – make and check appointments with colleagues
  • Shared address books – includes automatically populated global address list and offline address books
  • Outlook Web Access – full benefits of Outlook, using a web browser
  • Outlook Mobile Access – see mobile e-mail access section below
  • Mix POP3/IMAP and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes on same domain

Exchange mailboxes can be added to Grundy web hosting and email packages. You can even keep your existing web hosting with another supplier and move your email to Grundy computer services, by updating your MX records.

Standard Mailbox

Standard mailboxes combine every feature you need for professional email:

  • Roaming SMTP – use our Outgoing Mail Server with any broadband provider.
  • Spam filtering included.
  • 1GB mailbox space.
  • Industry-standard POP3 or IMAP.

Roaming SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)

With our Roaming SMTP service no matter where you are or what connection you are using you can send mail from your phone or computer. As long as you are connected to the internet you can send mail anywhere!

Spam filtering

Multi-level, Bayesian spam filtering, traps unwanted, unsolicited emails. Each email is checked against a set of criteria and depending on your chosen filter strength, is determined to be spam or legitimate email. You choose whether the filter adds “SPAM” to the front of suspected email subject lines, or deletes the email entirely.


Push email technology

Take your Exchange email, calendars, tasks and contacts everywhere you go. Your Mailbox is pushed to your mobile device in real-time, so the latest information is always with you, wherever you are.

Never miss important emails again

Recover hours of work time whilst you’re on the move. If you commute on the train, work abroad or if you’re nowhere near a computer, with mobile email technology you’re always in the loop.

Exchange Direct Push

Direct Push is included with most Windows Mobile devices and iPhones.

  • Emails are pushed directly to your mobile device, the moment they arrive in your mailbox.
  • 100% push synchronisation with your mobile.
  • No desktop software required.
  • Data push occurs only when an event happens.
  • No constant synching needed.
  • Access your email, Calendar, Contacts & Task

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