The definition of the office is becoming less about a building and more about a collaborative workplace. At Grundy Computer Services we can offer solutions for your geographically dispersed work force that allow you to collaborate as if you were sat next to each other. Below are just some of the services we offer.


 – Recommended for your business, fast and light endpoint security. Using ESET Endpoint Antivirus will ensure a small footprint and minimal usage of system resource for your workstations.

Outlook Anywhere

 – Remote Users using a mobile device can access to their corporate email server without requiring the use of a VPN.

Mobile Email

 – A employee with a mobile phone accessing their email on the device, using technologies such as exchange active sync, or Blackberry Enterprise Server.


 – Web based SSL VPN Endpoints enable a remote user to securely access corporate resources via the simplicity of a web browser. Secure portals can be configured to provide quick bookmark access to internal resources, such as intranet, email and remote applications.



 – Using various protocols your laptop or phone can use any internet connection to tunnel securely through to your work network, and work as if still sat at your desk.

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